About us

We are highly qualified professionals with extensive experience and proven track record in international business development and operation. Former executives and entrepreneurs in various multinationals, we share our competences, experience & know-how to help our clients develop their international business. We offer a full range competence pool and an expertise tool box that each client can choose from and put to use custom fit to his actual needs. This offer is complementary to the internal competences of his organization.

B.I.S. Connexion was founded by Mr. Jiang SHAO, the current Managing Director. Mr. SHAO is a Telecommunications Engineer, with 20 years professional experience in high-tech industry and a PhD in Computer Sciences. Drawing upon his multicultural educational and professional background, he has developed and managed large scale R&D projects for the European Union, conducted business activities and operated subsidiaries in France and in China for several multinational companies.

Our Mission

Partner of enterprises in their international expansion. Bridging the cap in corporate culture, and connecting people and enterprises from different cultures and across borders


Cross-Border Development in particular

France -> China / Europe -> Asia

Our Activities

Consultancy & Engineering


Business Consulting in Strategy,
Management, R&D and Innovation, Investment, International Business. Engineering/Technical Expertise in New Information and Communication Technologies (NICT)

Consultancy Services

To give your ambition and projects a Lifecycle

Long Support & Assistance with

Experienced Expert
Insight knowledge,
know-how, experience, competencies
Proven Operational Capabilities.


We support your ambition and accompany your development at every stage of your projects

Upstream project

To turn ideas into strategies & plans

During project life

To turn strategies into businesses

On transitions

To turn difficulties into successes

Strategy Consulting

Studies and Help Tools for definition & assessment of the cross-border development strategy and projects:

  • Regulation
  • Market & Concurrence
  • Technologies & Standards
  • Intellectual Property
  • Legal structure
  • Installation localization
  • Partnership
  • M&A


Support & Assistance

Step by Step Assistance during projects’ life:

  • Business Model
  • Business Plan
  • Investigation
  • Prospection
  • Business Set-up
  • Business Development
  • Partner Search
  • Collaboration & JV set-up
  • M&A: Target Identification, Due Diligence, Negotiations


Business Operations

Operating business on behalf of companies during project transitions:

  • International Subsidiary
  • Set-up & Management
  • Business Development
  • Public Relation & Lobbying


Technology & Innovation

Development of technology strategy, partnership & technology transfer:

  • Technology scouting
  • Startup ecosystem
  • IPR
  • Collaborations & transfer

Write us

and tell us about your projects and your needs. We are here to help you make your ambitions succeed.

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